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Yala Day Tour - The Best Place To Get High-Level Wildlife Experience Under The Sun!

Yala was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900, and, along with Wilpattu was one of the first two national parks in Sri Lanka, having been designated in 1938. The park is best known for its variety of wild animals. … It is one of the 70 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Sri Lanka.



Yala Day Tour

Now we interduce few options. because many travelers select this option from us.
1st option –   Your hotel to yala drop only.
2nd option –  Your hotel to ella via yala safari. this is a good option for you if  you’re traveling to the upcountry.
3rd option –  If you’re coming back to Your hotel. we can arrange day excursion from mirissa.

so many travels select 2nd option because only 4 hour safari in yala national park.

Receive an early-morning pickup from your hotel in mirissa,weligama, Galle,Hikkaduwa and drive for three hours to the entrance of Yala National Park. You’ll enter the park in the early morning hours to beat the crowds and to scout for animals when they’re at their most active. Spend the day searching for Yala’s collection of Leopard elephants, crocodiles, birds, and various species of exotic plant life. You’ll transfer back to Galle in the afternoon, arriving back at your hotel around 4pm.

Yala safari jeep

Safari jeep

in yala national park


in yala national park

What do you know about the Yala National Park? It is one of the excellent places to see and experience the wildlife of this paradise Island of Sri Lanka. This article shares some exciting and valuable tips about the Yala day tour.

About Yala

Yala National Park has a diverse ecosystem: monsoon forests, dry thorn forests, grasslands, marine and freshwater wetlands, marshes, and sandy beaches along the coast. It is also home to 216 species of birds. Seventy areas are identified as critical bird sanctuaries. Also, there are 44 mammals like elephants, water buffalo, sloth bears, and Sri Lankan leopards. It is important to note that Yala has the densest leopard population in the world. 

The natural habitat of the park has a wide variation. It spreads from freshwater lakes, beaches, rocky outcrops, green plains, and jungles. The biodiversity of the Yala national park is so vivid that no visitor who visits this place returns disappointed. Also, the freshwater lakes are the best places to spot the elephants and the buffaloes and also a wide range of birds that are endemic as well. The jungle foul and the grey hornbill are among them. 

Where is Yala National Park situated?

Yala is situated in the southeastern region of the country. It extends across two provinces of, Hambanthota district and Monaragala district in the Uva province. If you are curious about knowing about the entrance to the park, yeah it is at Palatupana, which is 12 km from Kirinda. If you are traveling from Colombo, the distance is about 305kms.

Yala Day Tour – Is Yala worth visiting?

Of cause! It is the best place to visit if you are a nature lover or a fan of wildlife. It also provides you with a range of beautiful frames and sceneries for your wildlife photography. Apart from that, the Yala National Park is one of the top places to visit with family, as kids love seeing all the rare species of animals, birds, and trees. It would help if you visited this place at least once to have the best experience of nature and the natural habitats. 

If you are explicitly looking expecting to see the leopards, make sure to visit in the time duration between February to March. But remember that you will not be the only one who aims to visit the park to see the leopards at this time of the year. So sometimes, the leopards may not come to the vicinity due to the crowd. 

Also, you could see large herds of elephants with babies, which is a unique and rare sight. If you visit between February to June, which is the dry season, with less water in the ponds, you can spot many species of animals in the park. Most of them can be seen near freshwater lakes with less water.

You are lucky as Yala National Park is a place you can visit year around. The only concern is the price difference that happens from time to time. So it is best to plan your trip during an off-peak time that is also dry so that you can get a better offer in terms of accommodation and even safari. Remember that September is the time that the park will be closed for all the maintenance work. So it is always better to avoid that time of the year.

Yala National Park Safari Tour

The best way to cover the entire park is to plan a safari tour in the Yala national park. The jeep safari is the best way to travel within the park conveniently. You can pre-book or arrange a time when you visit the park. It depends on the days you would like to spend on a safari tour. The packages differ according to your preferences. Tourists can get all the details and the Yala National Park safari cost on the Yala National Park safari booking website.

There are several routes that the Yala National Park safari is scheduled through. You need to check these routes properly before you book yours. Considering the interests you have would be much of a help for you to decide on the best. 

If you are planning Yala national park safari tours, note that the pre-booked terms are the most trusted. If you visit the park during a peak season with many tourists, you won’t get the maximum out of your tour as it is very tough, has a good package, and has a suitable vehicle. So, booking your tour before you arrive at the park is better.

Yala National Park Private Safari

Getting a private tour arranged is the best option. When you place a private tour, the driver will meet you at a destination or at your hotel to pick you up. And he will be exclusively for you throughout the time. Also, you have the luxury of getting the best vehicle when you book a private tour. Though the cost is slightly higher, you benefit from an excellent experience. The safari is usually at 5.00 am or in the afternoon around 2.30 pm. The regular time limit is 3.00 hours. Viewing the Yala National Park animals and birds and getting off and experiencing the Patanagala, where you meet the beach at the bank of the Manik river, is one of the best experiences you could have. 

Usually, a day tour is scheduled for 12 hours, thrilling and adventurous. You can see the leopards along with the other animals. Also, the ride through the monsoon forests and the lagoons are a lifetime experience. The guide will help you know more about the region’s history. 

Note that these tours are not suitable for pregnant women. And make sure to dress in comfortable clothes, and have a lot of sunscreens, water, hats, caps, and snacks ready, as the day is going to be long, 

Visiting the Yala national park is a must if you see this paradise island; the experience you get is priceless. It is the ideal place for photographers to capture the best moments in wildlife. So do not miss to include a Yala day tour on your next trip to Sri Lanka. 

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