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Wonder of Asia Sri Lanka

our history isn’t in the past our heritage isn’t our better times our culture isn’t done being defined it’s in the air it’s in the earth it’s in the waters as it has been for thousands of years as it still is this morning sri lanka isn’t a place it’s a marvel a brave new world that wasn’t made by the rules she’s a rebel of nature she’s a blessing of imagination of untold innovation and resilience let’s tell the story of sri lanka with the same courage this island was born of it’s in how we love how we believe how we protect how we share how we feast and how we heal as we dismiss strangers by making them friends because that stuff of stars that is beneath our feet the brilliance that makes the monsoon waltz around lush hills and save itself to soothe scorched planes the wonder that makes the salty seas nurture jungles of pure paradise and the wild beauty that stays fierce and vibrant even as time tries to quieten it is in us and now it’s time to show the world sri lanka as it has always beenbut never been realized before you. we (mirissa cabs) always gives a memorable tour for you. please contact us for taxi and travel package.

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