How to get from Mirissa to Ella

Enjoy an easy one-way transport from Mirissa to Ella while visiting Udawalawa National Park and Elephant Orphanage.

Ella is a great place to rest whether you’re from the south or north of Sri Lanka. You should stay for a few days. Ella is surrounded by lush rainforest, numerous waterfalls, and miles of rolling green hills. Compared to the rest of Sri Lanka, the temperature is comfortable and refreshing. The city’s elevation of about 1000 meters above sea level makes it ideal for cultivating tea and strawberries. It cools down a little in the evening, allowing you to sleep well beneath your warm blankets.

The hazy mountains of Ella are also well-known. You can’t avoid the weather, and you’ll have to cope with fog (or rain), which can make or break your photograph. On the other hand, Ella is a fantastic trekking destination thanks to those mountains. Ella is also great for food variety, as it has many restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world.

There are a few options to consider when traveling from Mirissa to Ella through Udawalawe. Traveling between these locations is available by various modes of transportation: Bus, Van, and Taxi. If you need to get there quickly, Taxi is the best option. You can book a Van ticket if you’d rather take your time and travel at a slower, more inexpensive pace.

Book a taxi – Mirissa to ella

Book a taxi – Mirissa to ella via Udawalawa safari

What is the distance from Mirissa to Ella through Udawalawe?

If you’re traveling by land, you’ll need to know how far Mirissa is from Ella through Udawalawe. Your journey will be 99 miles long (159 km). The distance between the two points is 76 miles (122 km).

The time it takes to go from Mirissa to Ella through Udawalawe depends on your transportation method. Depending on the circumstances, the entire travel should take between 3 and 9 hours.

Which kind of transportation is the most suitable for the journey?

  • Taxi: The quickest method to get from Mirissa to Ella is to take a taxi. It allows you to personalize your journey, taking all the detours you want and seeing all the sights you desire. You can select the type and size of your vehicle to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

Points to note: It’s a good idea to use Google Maps or another GPS navigator to follow the path.

  • Vans: Another option for getting from Mirissa to Ella is to use a shared van. In terms of journey time, it’s somewhat comparable to a cab ride, but it’s far less expensive. The majority of travelers reserve a vehicle in advance on the Internet.

When trains or buses aren’t running, the only method to go from Mirissa to Ella is to use a van.

Keep in mind that if you travel by van, you may not have as much luggage space as you would if you traveled by train or aircraft. For a van journey, it’s a good idea to pack only the most essential items and place them in a bag that you can easily carry about.

What is the cost of traveling from Mirissa to Ella through Udawalawe?

The cost of traveling from Mirissa to Ella through Udawalawe varies depending on the mode of transportation used. Mirissa Cabs is the most cost-effective operator, with a taxi costing as little as LKR 19,000.

Here’s the average ticket costs and modes of transportation accessible from Mirissa to Ella via Udawalawe:

  • The cost of a taxi is LKR 19,000.
  • LKR 26,000 for a van

Mirissa to Ella through Udawalawe is the most preferred mode of conveyance.

How can I get from Mirissa to Ella via Udawalawe in the most efficient way possible? We asked 1000 people to rank their preferences for this route in order to make your transit selection easier. The poll’s findings are as follows: Taxi is 100% picked.

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