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Are you looking for a comparison of Colombo Airport to Arugam Bay taxi and other alternatives? A transfer from Sri Lanka’s Colombo Airport to Arugam Bay will take around 6 hours and 15 minutes, and the distance is 350 kilometers. Depending on the method of transportation and traffic circumstances, the transfer time might vary. The most efficient and convenient choice after a long trip would be to use a private taxi service instead.

The Colombo Airport to Arugam Bay journey is explained

Arugam Bay is difficult to reach due to the lack of a direct route. When traveling by air, it is 220 kilometers, while the fastest way takes you 350 kilometers. Depending on the time of day and the number of stops, this might take anywhere from 6 to 16 hours to complete the journey. Most people agree that taking your time and stopping for a couple of nights along the road is the best option. But if you really must arrive in this city in a day, there are a variety of solutions ready for you to choose from.

Let’s get to know these destinations a little better before moving on to the various modes of transportation available.

Colombo International Airport

The primary international airport servicing Sri Lanka is Bandaranaike International Airport, often known as Colombo International Airport. In honor of Sri Lanka’s previous prime minister, the Bandaranaike International Airport is situated in the Negombo area, 32.5 kilometers north of the country’s long-established capital and commercial hub, Colombo. Administration: Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd. runs the airport. SriLankan Airlines and Cinnamon Air use it as a hub to fly in and out of Sri Lanka. Ratmalana International Airport, which is used mainly for domestic flights, is the other airport servicing the city of Colombo.

One of Sri Lanka’s most populous cities, Colombo, is situated on the island’s west coast. Until the nation gained its independence in 1948, the city and country were governed by the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the British. This is why Colombo has an unusual blend of European clothes, culture, and architecture to offer its visitors. Galle Face Green, Town Hall, Independence Memorial Hall Square, Gangaramaya Temple, Viharamahadevi Park, National Museum of Colombo, and Pettah Floating Market are just a few of the attractions you should not miss during your visit to the capital city.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is a moon-shaped curve of soft sand that is home to a world-renowned point break that is often regarded as the premier surfing location in the nation by many surfers. With a population of just a few hundred people, it’s a tinier town where everything is clustered around a single road that runs along the shore. Hence, it represents the pinnacle of Sri Lanka’s laid-back beach culture, which attracted the first wave of surfers and sun-seekers back in the 1970s.

In addition to surfing, there are a variety of other attractions, such as beachfront guesthouses, oceanside eateries, and a laid-back ambiance that is a far cry from the loud, high-octane atmosphere seen at many west-coast beach resorts. Arugam Bay is also a fantastic starting point for various excursions into the nearby countryside. The low season (November to April) is a period when things become incredibly quiet, and many sites shut completely. However, it may also be a peaceful time to visit, with fewer people and lush surroundings.

Travel options from Colombo Airport to Arugam Bay

1. Colombo to Arugam Bay taxi

In terms of speed and comfort, Colombo to Arugam Bay is the most efficient mode of transportation to Arugam Bay. According to the season, a one-way fare for a good-quality a/c minivan with an English-speaking driver should cost between $125 and $135.

While taking in the breathtaking beauty surrounding you, you can just sit back and relax, thanks to a reputable taxi service. Compared to other modes of public transportation, this is the most convenient alternative for a hassle-free and peaceful vacation in Sri Lanka. The drivers who work for these Colombo to Arugam Bay taxi services must be familiar with the roads, road regulations, and traffic patterns.

While it is true that there may be more affordable options available, keep in mind that many of them will be poorly maintained. Also, the drivers may be lacking in professionalism and trustworthiness. So, make sure you choose reliable and reputable Colombo to Arugam Bay taxi services.

2. Bus from Colombo to Arugam Bay

Between Colombo and Pottuvil, there are two luxury night buses with air conditioning and three to four standard non-air-conditioned buses. On the trip, you may expect to take two 20-minute breaks for food, drink, and the restroom. The price of a conventional bus ticket might fluctuate regularly, so it is strongly recommended that you double-check the pricing before making your reservation.

See Latest News for the most up-to-date bus schedules from Colombo to Arugam Bay, as well as information on how to reserve tickets in advance. It will take around 7 hours during the night, and during the day, it will take about 10 hours. In addition to the baggage storage, the luxurious Colombo to Pottuvil buses also feature space for surfboards. On the other hand, ordinary buses have a restricted amount of room. Small pieces of baggage may be kept in the luggage racks above the seats.

3. Train and bus from Colombo to Ella and Arugam Bay

Because of the beautiful vistas of the Sri Lankan hill region, this path is the most challenging and time-consuming of the three. Road transportation is required for the last leg from Ella to Arugam Bay, which will require two or three buses. This section may take up to five hours, depending on waiting times, so it may be worthwhile to stay overnight and start again early the following day.

The Colombo Fort has many departure times, the first of which is at 5.55 am, the second at 8.30 am, the third at 9.45 am, and the fourth at 8 pm. On average, the trip to Ella takes between 9 and 10 hours to complete. We suggest catching the earliest train so that you may enjoy a scenic finale to your journey in broad daylight.

It is not worthwhile to go to Badulla since the train arrives in Ella around one hour before Badulla and because they are both approximately the same distance from Arugam Bay. When you get to the main road in Ella, turn left, and you’ll find the bus terminal, which is around 600 meters away. Buses to Monaragala leave often, but if you want to catch the first one out, you may take two buses through Wellawaya and arrive in less time. Even better, the bus to Panama stops at Arugam Bay in Monaragala and goes directly to Pottuvil. More information about getting from Colombo to Arugam Bay by bus can be found on the Colombo to Arugam Bay by Bus page.


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