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Colombo Airport To Tangalle

Mini Car Taxi - 28000LKR
Sedan Car Taxi - 30000LKR
Mini Van Taxi - 40000LKR


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Travel Distance from Colombo Airport To Tangalle :  212 km
Travel Duration from Colombo Airport To Tangalle :   3 hrs

The distance between Colombo airport to Tangalle is approximately 212 km and it will take around 3 hours. Choose the vehicle according to your preference and let us know about your booking request. We will contact you shortly. in the end, you can find your hotel with a huge discount. booking.com 25% discount available.

Colombo Airport To Tangalle Taxi Fare: 50 USD to 100 USD (Car to Mini Bus)





Book Your Ride From Colombo Airport to Tangalle

After arriving on a long flight to Sri Lanka at Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB), there are a few options available for you to get a ride from the Colombo airport to Tangalle. You can choose between taking a local cab, a transfer service, or public transportation.

Picking up a local taxi outside the airport to take you from Colombo to Tangalle

There are many local taxis accessible outside the airport. You cannot rely on all of them. Negotiating with them would be very difficult, and they might try to get you to pay more. There is a real taxi desk at the airport that is open 24/7. It may be more expensive to order a cab from there than outside. You cannot rely on the taxis to be adequately maintained, and not all taxis have air conditioning.

Alternatives that are open to you

Travel in a local express bus

From Colombo City, you must take the N187 bus to Tangalle. You must purchase the tickets from the bus conductor in Sri Lankan rupees. Every half-hour, you can get a bus. However, buses might not run at night. Remember that.

A train ride from Fort railway station

Another means of transportation to Tangalle from Colombo city is by train. Not many, but a few trains depart from the Fort railway station. Trains may be crowded during the day, making it difficult to travel with bags. You should be aware that trains might not run at night.

What is the fastest way to get from Colombo Airport (CMB) to Tangalle?

Book a private taxi from Colombo airport to Tangalle. It is the fastest way to get to Tangalle from all the available options. We previously discussed the difficulties you would encounter if you took a local taxi outside the airport. Perhaps you’re wondering why there are no options always available, risk-free, comfortable, and easy to pick up. 

Fear not; there is one!

Mirissa Cabs has provided assured top-notch service without charging extra for all the needs mentioned above of travelers needing a taxi from Colombo airport to Tangalle.

Mirissa Cabs is ready to meet all of your travel requirements.

After a lengthy flight, we provide hassle-free service to you. Once you have reserved us for your travel in a business name taxi from the Colombo airport to Tangalle, there is nothing you need to worry about because we will take care of everything else. As much as you choose us for transportation, by traveling to Tangalle, you can have a great experience in Sri Lanka. 

Before telling you about us, let us see how excellent your first choice is.

Beyond Galle and Matara, Tangalle is a center for tourist attractions on the southern coast. It is situated on a stunningly big bay and is protected by a reef. Like many other coastal communities, Tangalle has a lengthy past. The Dutch Fort and the Courthouse are the remaining examples of its Dutch past. The extensive beach with brilliant sand highlights the area’s natural attractiveness. Worldwide, travelers come to Tangalle Beach to enjoy the breeze, lie on the sand, and take in the sun’s beams. 

Have fun near the water!

There are plenty of ideal places to swim, dive, and surf.

How long does it take to get from Colombo Airport (CMB) to Tangalle?

From Colombo, it is 214 kilometers away. And it’s a 2-hour and 50-minute ride. The Tangalle suburbs also have other interesting locations. The Mulkirigala Raja Maha Viharaya is one of the holy sites that draw visitors. There are seven caves in the rocky monastery.

We at, Mirissa Cabs provide comfortable rides for you and your family.

We take you anywhere you need to go without charging you for waiting. In our fleet, there are cozy, completely air-conditioned cars. You’ll feel like you’re in heaven because of the comfort, and you will most certainly forget about the tedious flight. For you to enjoy our excellent hospitality, allow me to lead you through the process.

Your ride is away from just a few fingertips.

Every day and all night, we are open. To book your ride and your destination, visit our website first. You have various car options to pick from Mirissa Cabs. For your convenience, we constantly update the most recent vehicle on www.mirissacabs.com because, despite how busy we have become, we are constantly preparing to provide an outstanding transportation experience of Mirissa Cabs to our passengers.

One of our drivers will meet and greet you.

Since you are making reservations through www.mirissacabs.com, you can do it in advance. After choosing your destination and travel dates, you may make travel arrangements. Once your reservation has been verified, one of our drivers will meet you at the closest arrival place. The car will be readily parked in the lot by the driver. Every one of our reservations includes a complimentary wait time of 60 minutes for the airport and 15 minutes for other destinations. 

We have well-experienced drivers who speak English. Since they are native Sri Lankans and know English, you will never have trouble addressing your needs. They will always provide a relaxing journey and a friendly welcome for you, your family, and your friends. You can unwind when traveling to Tangalle as our drivers are familiar with the drop-off spot. We will make you feel comfortable.

What is the cost of a taxi from Colombo to the airport?

Local taxi fares are set by the driver, who may add waiting fees and other fees as they see fit. Unlike them, we provide a standard cab rate from the Colombo airport to Tangalle. We do not add waiting fees, other extra charges, or hidden costs; we merely pay you 75 USD. You could be wondering how much a taxi from Colombo to the airport costs, but when you visit our website,

www.mirissacabs.com, you will discover just how inexpensively you can obtain Mirissa Cabs transportation service to any location you need.

Mirissa Cabs offers the ultimate value for private transportation.

You now understand the benefits of using our transportation service from Colombo Airport to Tangalle. It is far more efficient and reliable than other alternative transit options. Due to our affordable taxi fares from the Colombo airport to Tangalle, the company name have the lead of rivals. We charge only 75 USD without additional fees or hidden costs for a private taxi from the Colombo airport to Tangalle, whereas others charge more and offer less service. Until we get you where you are going, we will provide you with a comfortable ride. The fact that we prioritize quality above quantity is another factor in our leadership position in the sector. 

Do not forget to book a ride from Mirissa Cabs to the Colombo airport following your visit.


Questions & Answers

The quickest and easiest way to get from Colombo Airport (CMB) to Tangalle is to taxi which costs 60-100$ and takes 3 hours.

Tangalle is just 212 kilometers from Colombo Airport and is conveniently accessible by  bus, or taxi. By taxi, you can get to Tangalle the quickest.

The cheapest way to get from Colombo Airport (CMB) to Tangalle is Bus and Train. you can find the bus near the airport. but no direct bus to tangalle.

Taxi is the fastest way to get from Colombo Airport (CMB) to Tangalle. Cost will be 60-100$. 

212km from airport and 3hours drive(taxi) to Tangalle.

by bus 5hours,by taxi 3hours,by train 5hours.

these are so many hotels and hostels.check this link – booking.com

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