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Travel Distance :   143 km
Travel Duration :   2 hrs

The distance between Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa is approximately 143 km and it will take around 2hrs. Choose the vehicle according to your preference and let us know about your booking request. We will contact you shortly. in the end, you can find your hotel with a huge discount. 25% discount available.

Colombo Airport To Hikkaduwa Taxi Fare: 30 USD to 100 USD (Car to Mini Bus)




Why Choose Colombo Airport to Hikkaduwa Taxi Service?

A Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa taxi is the perfect beginning of a peaceful holiday. Why? Simply because exploring a new country or place may be a really satisfying feeling in and of itself. You’ll get to see and experience fantastic things in a new city or country, meet fascinating people, and sample a wide variety of foods. 

We understand that just thinking about these things gets you pumped up. But there is one aspect that may truly destroy the spirit of your trip, and that is transportation, particularly airport transfers, which we will discuss later. To do all of this, though, you’ll need a trustworthy mode of transportation, and the best option is a private taxi service.
It is essential to prepare ahead of time to guarantee that everything goes well and without any complications throughout the trip. Why should your airport transfers be neglected if you’ve already made hotel and airline arrangements?

What are the advantages of the Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa taxi service?
With the joy of travel comes the significance of taxis, which serve as fantastic traveling partners for those who have been on the road. If you are going from one city to another in Sri Lanka and do not have access to a vehicle, booking an airport taxi may be the most convenient choice available to you. We’ll take care of all the details so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.
Are you still confused about deciding to hire a Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa taxi? If you answered, “yes,” then here are a few reasons that will emphasize the importance of hiring a taxi for Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa transfers:

1. Easy online booking with Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa taxi

Consider the experience of waiting in line for a taxi immediately after landing at the airport. Isn’t this a terrible thing to happen? The reason is simple: you lack patience and time. It is the most convenient feature of airport taxis because we provide a simple online booking system that allows you to quickly and simply reserve an airport taxi service. Our website has a very user-friendly interface. We can organize an airport transportation service that meets all the requirements with a simple click.

2. There is no hassle

Our Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa taxi drivers spend most of their time at the airport. And this makes them very knowledgeable about all of the Colombo airport proceedings. Our drivers’ familiarity with the pickup and drop-off services will ensure that your ride is as stress-free as possible.

3. Flight tracking and monitoring services

You can never foresee how your flight will turn out. It may be delayed or canceled at any moment without notice. We can provide an airport taxi service to our customers with flight tracking services. Our team will keep track of your flight after booking an airport taxi. If your flight is canceled or delayed, we will notify you as soon as possible. We will make arrangements for you to take a taxi, saving you time.

4. Professional Drivers

Our drivers are exceptionally professional, polite, experienced, and extremely safe on the road.

5. Save yourself some time

Even if money cannot buy you time, it may help you save a significant amount of time. Your pre-arranged Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa taxi will pick you up on time and transport you to your departure airport. We have done an excellent job of training our drivers, and they are fully aware of all the shortcuts that will allow them to escape traffic. Taking an airport shuttle rather than an airport cab means you will be sharing the space with many other people, and you will not get exactly where you want to be at your destination on time.

6. Affordable Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa taxi

It is quite costly to use most of the airport taxi services in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, traveling on your own is regarded as a costly and time-consuming burden. This condition is no longer present when using a Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa taxi since you may book your taxi home at a very reasonable cost when using this service. There is a significant price difference between our services and those available on the internet. In terms of being the most affordable, our services are excellent.

7. Vehicles to choose from

All of us want to be as comfortable as possible throughout our journeys. Consider the possibility of obtaining your favorite car in a new city. What does it feel like?

Taxi services for airport transfers are plentiful, and there is no shortage of options. We have made the process of selecting your car as simple and accessible as possible. You may now reserve your vehicle in advance to ensure that you get the most comfortable seats. Our cars are clean and offer more legroom than the competition. We can provide a vehicle to meet the specific requirements of our clients. These options, such as selecting your own comfortable vehicle, are not offered by the taxi companies that stand outside airports.

There are numerous benefits to using our Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa taxis, including being informed of your fare charges, receiving free Wi-Fi, phone charging facilities, and, most importantly, receiving the best customer service possible.

8. Service to and from the airport is available around the clock

We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may book your Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa taxi at any time of day or night from any area in the world with the most reputable airport taxi service. Many taxi services are available for hire online, but most of them do not offer round-the-clock airport taxi services.

Questions & Answers

The quickest and easiest way to get from Colombo Airport (CMB) to Hikkaduwa is to taxi which costs 35$ – 50$ and takes 2 hours.

Hikkaduwa is just 143 kilometers from Colombo and is conveniently accessible by train, bus, or taxi. By taxi, you can get to Hikkaduwa the quickest.

The cheapest way to get from Colombo Airport (CMB) to Hikkaduwa is Bus and Train. you can find the bus near the airport. but no direct bus to Hikkaduwa .

Taxi is the fastest way to get from Colombo Airport (CMB) to Hikkaduwa .Cost will be 35$ – 40$ including High Way Charges.

143km from airport and 2hours drive(taxi) to Hikkaduwa .

by bus 3h 30min,by taxi 2hours,by train 4hours.

these are so many hotels and hostels.check this link –

Things do in Hikkaduwa


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